Unwholly Moments

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NoBudge   |   1 год.
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Unwholly Moments - Видео онлайн

A dissatisfied man attempting to be an actor struggles to connect with his profession and the people around him.
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📀 “Unwholly Moments,” by director Andy Rayner, is our first feature in awhile and it’s a doozy. Clocking in at 115 minutes and largely revolving around a series of encounters Rod has with sex workers, the film is an unflinching depiction of depression and a lack of meaningful human connection. A series of vignettes alternating between the unsettling sexual interactions, awkward dates filled with unrequited lust, distressing phone calls with his parents, and demoralizing auditions. http://nobudge.com/main/unwholly-moments

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Unwholly Moments - Видео онлайн